Roland Dyens

«One of the guitar-world's guiding lights»

Classical Guitar, England

«Un grand guitariste, le plus grand peut-être.»

Alain Duault

«...Imagine Keith Jarrett playing the guitar...»

Gendai Guitar, Japan

«Dyens is a treasure»

Soundboard, USA

« artist of the highestcalibre for his instrument.»

Classical Guitar, England

«He is an exceptional guitarist... A member of the very small club of those who are outstanding in all three areas-improvising, interpreting and composing - as Leo Brouwer was.»

John Duarte, England


HuBert KÄppel

«Germany's best classical guitarist and one of the world's top players effortlessly interprets Bach with great musicality and a phrasing of an uninterrupted breathing.»

Guitar Player magazine, USA


Antonio Cosenza

«... Highly accomplished guitarist, whose musical speech exudes calm and cheerful serenity; with his interpretations on a high musical level and an impeccable technique he gains the admiration of the audience ...»

El Periodico, Guatemala

«Guitar soloist (...) is not the correct and accurate description of Antonio Cosenza. Correctly it should be <guitar- virtuoso> or <guitar magician>, since what he literally conjures with this instrument is musical magic in its purest form ...»

Stadtanzeiger Wunstorf

«Antonio Cosenza is a remarkable guitarist, known on stage as a very alert and mature. The clarity of the vocal leadership that shapes his interpretations and the way in which he maxes out the sounds and possibilities of the instrument, give the audience the impression as if they were hearing not one, but several instruments. At this concert he confidently succeeded in conveying the great expressiveness of his music to the audience.»

Prensa libre, 4. August 2002: Antigua/Guatemala