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Model “Belbasso”

A silvery descant, a middle range which is nice and warm, as well as a full, rich foundational bass quantity: those are all qualities which distinguish the "Belbasso". Added to that is the wealth of overtones, a property only reached and shared by plucked multi-stringed instruments. With this, the guitarist can play music written for the lute, without having to alter his own technique.

The fundamental bass, generous middle portion and clear highest parts all yield a very well-balanced and transparent sound image. The Belbasso is definitely a very expressive instrument!

Technical Data

  • Top: alpine spruce, cedar
  • Back and sides: Rosewood, Honduras-rosewood, Santo Domingo-rosewood, East-Indian rosewood, further woods on request
  • Neck: cedro
  • Fingerpboard: ebony
  • Bridge: Rosewood
  • Saddle/ bridge inlay: bone
  • Tuning machine: Scheller (precision high end machines with ball bearings)
  • Finish: shellac, handpolish

Guitar as shown below

  • Top: alpine spruce
  • Back and sides: East-Indian rosewood
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-01-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-02-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-03-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-04-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-05-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-06-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-07-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-08-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-09-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-10-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-11-12-
gert-petersen-guitars 13-saitige-12-12-

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